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About Me

As a social worker in NJ for over 20 years, I have had the privilege of witnessing countless individuals and families embark on their journey to success.  I have worked as a school social worker, an Early Intervention provider, and with adults, seniors, and families in transition.  My primary experience is with children with ADHD, ODD and both children and adults with developmental disabilities.  I believe in the inherent value present in each individual and I recognize the unique contributions they bring to the world.  I approach treatment by partnering with you to define your goals.  I offer a caring, non-judgmental environment where people can safely discover themselves and develop coping skills that work in their current situation.  Everyone is different and therapy can be tailored to your needs.  It is about experiencing, or relating, as well as learning concrete and specific strategies for change.  I will gently encourage you to come to a greater understanding of yourself.  My overall philosophy is that we all deserve happiness and joy in life and there are endless possibilities for how to accomplish this.

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