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LDR Multicultural Family Development

Biopsychosocial Assessments through NJ Children's System of Care

If you have concerns about your child call the NJ Children's System of Care at 877-652-7624.  They will help guide you to the appropriate services for your child.

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What is a

A BioPsychoSocial Assessment (BPS) evaluates a youth’s needs and determines the best resources or services to address those needs. The BPS is performed by an independent, licensed clinician (not a PerformCare employee) who will meet in person with you and your child.

The first step is to call PerformCare or visit their website.  This is the best place to start you are not sure what you need, and help is available regardless of your financial or insurance status.  If authorized by PerformCare, an experienced clinician will meet to talk with you and your child.  In order to connect you with the most appropriate resources, your clinician will listen to your concerns and find out more about your family, your child's health, social and education history as well as any other details that you want to share.

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